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Legacy Roofing: Residential and Commercial Roofing Professionals

When your home or business needs roofing repairs, replacement, or installation, Legacy Roofing is the top roofing company in Sedona for quality service. We have a team of professional roofers who are prepared to deliver timely service that you can depend on. Trust us for reliable, quality craftsmanship.

Legacy Roofing: Top Tier Roofing Contractors in Sedona

At Legacy Roofing, we make the success of your roofing project our top priority and personal responsibility by always trying to go the extra mile. Roof replacement and roofing repairs will always be a source of frustration. However, our expert roofers have knowledge built on years of experience to provide you with top-tier service

Reliable Roofing Services

Legacy Roofing is proud to be serving Sedona and the surrounding community with our 5 star roofing solutions. Regardless of the roofing issues you’re facing, we will always arrive promptly to provide a quality service that many of our customers have come to rely on and expect. 

Premium Roofing Materials 

Given the high temperatures In the Sedona area, every roofing project must be carried out with premium products to ensure the reliability of the roof and the comfort it provides. We are happy to offer our roofing services that are always carried out with attention to detail, from the materials used to the techniques of roof repairs and installations. Legacy Roofing is committed to providing the best roofing solutions in Northern Arizona, using only quality-tested materials roofing materials. 

Excellent Workmanship & Customer Care

Legacy Roofing contractors have years of experience which gives them both industry and local knowledge that few installers have. Our professional roofers combined with the premium products we use deliver top-notch work each time. With Legacy Roofing, you will experience as stress-free a process as possible whether you need to replace, repair, or install a roof for your home.

Premium Roofing Services in Sedona, AZ

Legacy Roofing is here to see to the successful and safe completion of any roofing project you need for your home or business. Whether you need a new roof or to have the shingles replaced, you can always count on an excellent job carried out professionally by our team. We offer: 

  • Free estimates on roof installations
  • Quality installation work 
  • Thorough roofing inspections for needed repairs or a possible replacement
  • Top roofing contractors in the Northern Arizona area 
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed 

Residential Roof Installation

We are Sedona’s local professionals and offer the best roofing replacements and installation services in Northern Arizona. Legacy Roofing offers warranties on roofing replacement and installation and makes your satisfaction our top priority. From the initial assessment to the planning and installation, you will find the process seamless and stress-free.

Residential Roofing Repair Services

Our roofing repair services can address a full range of challenges you may be facing. Legacy Roofers have years of experience when it comes to understanding your concerns, your goals, and considering the best options for you. Whether your you have a leaking roof or are doing your best to recover after property damage, we are here to help! 

Legacy Roofing is ready to help with issues like these when it comes to roofing repairs: 

  • Leak repairs
  • Sagging or damaged roof issues
  • Shingle replacement
  • Flashing repair or replacement
  • Cleaning and repair of damaged gutters
  • Fascia and soffit repair 
  • Skylight Repair 
  • Roof ventilation repairs
  • Structural repairs 

Roof Replacement Services

When needed, we are happy to help you restore your old or damaged roof with an updated, modern roofing system. Our professional roofing contractors are proud to deliver various roofing system solutions and are happy to provide a free quote on all roof replacement and installation projects.

Roof Maintenance Services

Elevate the longevity and performance of your roof with our proactive roof maintenance services in Sedona, AZ. A properly maintained roof will help your house avoid the need for costly repairs years in the future.

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Legacy Roofing Can Meet All Your Residential Roofing Needs

As a leader in Arizona’s roofing industry, Legacy Roofing is trusted for residential roof installation, repair, and service. Our experienced tradesmen can work with any manufacturer’s product. They also help pick the best roofing solution for your home that’s guaranteed to withstand extreme weather and last for many decades.

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