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When you need a durable and elegant tile roof, the best thing to do is to turn to the expert contractors at Legacy Roofing who have installed residential roofing since 2009.

Clay and concrete tile roofs are more expensive than asphalt shingles, however the added benefits are worth the cost. Tile roofing lasts between 50 and 100 years, depending on the material you choose. After all, your roof isn’t just a protective covering for your home; it is a statement of style and endurance. Call Legacy Roofing today to learn about the roof tile options available and request an estimate.

Advantages of Roof Tiles

Why roof tile systems instead of a traditional roof? While a traditional roof works well in most cases. Many people in Northern Arizona have been taking steps to explore the possibility of roof tiles because of their authentic appearance, durability, and the energy-efficient elements they provide the home. Legacy uses a variety of suppliers and manufacturers to achieve any appearance that a homeowner may want. Our roofing technicians are highly proficient at the installation of nearly any style clay roof tile.

Durability and Longevity

Barrel tiles, clay roof tiles, terra cotta, and others are weather-resistant and can withstand heavy rain, wind, and even snow. Many roofing contractors can attest that their roof tiles have a longer lifespan than other roofing materials. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Clay tile roofs and other forms of tile roofing offer a unique style that will reflect the homeowner’s taste and preferences and better match the surroundings and history of particular areas. Roofing tiles offer a notable architectural feature with custom color options to suit the needs of your home. These features make for a gorgeous roofline for a Spanish-style home. 

Energy Efficient

Most tiles are made with concrete and clay, which offer natural insulation properties against the cold and heat. This comes into play in Arizona because the tile roof can reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption, which is a large benefit in Arizona heat.

Tile Roofing Installation, Service, & Repair

Legacy Roofing has several experienced tradesmen that can install, repair, and provide an array of services for your residential roofing needs. Tile roofing materials and installations is one of our key areas of excellence. With leadership experience in excess of three decades, and experienced crews from around the country at your disposal, you’re guaranteed the best installation or repair, for a great price.

Legacy’s mission is to establish itself as an honest, community focused business for the towns and cities around Arizona. Our goal is to ensure your roof will keep you dry, your building looking great, and your life worry free. Contact us about a roof inspection and request an estimate today!

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Types of Tile Roof Options

The roofing industry in Northern Arizona currently offers three main types of roof tile options, all offering unique design options and superior quality roofing. The three main tile roof options include concrete, clay, and composite tiles. 

Concrete Tiles 

Concrete tiles are one of the most durable roof tile systems available. Your roofing contractor will be the first to tell you about their benefits, which include the following: 

  • Weather resistant to heavy rain and sun exposure
  • Fire resistant 
  • A long lifespan of over 50 years 
  • Energy efficiency benefits
  • Optimal fire ratings

Concrete tiles are labor intensive, but they offer a lot of design options in terms of architectural styles, from modern to Spanish style. With concrete roof tiles, you can achieve almost any roof style for your home. 

Clay Tiles 

Clay roof tiles offer a timeless charm and elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to buildings and homes. Made from natural clay, they provide the option to have unique shapes, color options, and textures in the individual tiles of your roof. Whether you want that distinct red color that is common in a classic Spanish roof or something unique to your style, clay roof tiles will make it possible. 

Composite Tiles

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your roofing project, composite tiles are the way to go. Composite tiles combine materials like recyclable plastics, rubber, and other sustainable materials to create a durable roof with minimal environmental impact. 

These tiles are suitable for various climates, are weather resistant, and are great for warding away pests. If you want to avoid slate roof tiles, wood, or other materials without missing out on quality and durability, composite tiles are the best option for your house.

Our Full-Proof Installation Process

Legacy Roofing has been in the residential and commercial roofing business for over 30 years. Our decades in business helped us cultivate and develop a quality tile roofing installation that outperforms our competitors. When we come to begin the installation process, you can expect the following steps to be performed with precision and accuracy: 

  1. Preparation and inspection: We will assess the current roof structure and determine the quality of the roof, performing any necessary repairs. We will also prepare the roofing surface for the roof tile installation during this step.
  2. Tile installation: Involves laying the underlayment and proper placement and alignment of tiles. 
  3. Finishing Touches: Installation of ridge caps, ridge closures, and trim around the roof for a unique style and touch. 
  4. Quality Control and Final Inspection: Once the work is complete, we will conduct a test of our work to ensure the safety of the roofing project and the overall building. 

Maintenance and Cleaning 

At Legacy Roofing, your safety is our top priority. Thus, we recommend regular maintenance and cleaning of your tile roof. Be sure to have an inspection at least twice a year, in the fall and spring. These inspections will ensure that the installed roof and all of its materials are at the highest quality possible. 

When a roofing contractor shows up to do the maintenance and cleaning of your new roof, they will pay close attention to identifying all of the following issues and prevent major problems: 

  • Cracked or broken tiles
  • Loose or missing tiles
  • Buildup of debris
  • Inspect flashing and seals
  • Gutter maintenance 

Do not miss out on preventing these issues and schedule your tile roof inspection today! 

Call Legacy Roofing Today!

Whether you want a clay tile roof, Spanish barrel roof tiles, or a concrete tile roof, Legacy has experience with them all. Our team of roofing contractors is available to answer all your questions and install a long-lasting tile roof for your home. We will work to meet the needs of your unique style while considering all the safety and function regulations and best practices. Contact Legacy Roofing now to learn about the deals and promotions we have going on today!

FAQ: Clay Roof Tiles

What are the roof tiles called? 

Roof tiles are commonly referred to as ridges. They are usually made with a concrete or clay material and are highly praised for their durability.

What are the 3 most common roofing tiles?

The three most common types of roofing tiles include clay tiles, concrete, and slate roof tiles. The type of material used on your roof will depend on your unique style and the weather conditions in your residential area. 

Are roof tiles and shingles the same?

The main difference between roof tiles and shingles is that shingles are manufactured while tiles are made of natural materials. These natural materials are often clay, slate, and concrete. In many instances, people use roof tiles when they want a unique style to their house while not compromising durability.

Legacy Roofing Can Meet All Your Residential Roofing Needs

As a leader in Arizona’s roofing industry, Legacy Roofing is trusted for residential roof installation, repair, and service. Our experienced tradesmen can work with any manufacturer’s product. They also help pick the best roofing solution for your home that’s guaranteed to withstand extreme weather and last for many decades.

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