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Anytime we explore a new service or product, whether it’s a cell phone, doctor, local handiwork, or simply a good dining experience — we seek advice on where and who to go to. We scour the internet, read reviews, look for specific criteria, and ask locals in the area for recommendations and their experiences.

It is the same when it comes to your roofing needs. You likely want to know whether or not the contractor performs quality work when inspecting, repairing, or redoing your roof. So, how do you ensure you’re getting the best quality work and professionalism regarding your roofing needs?

If you require roofing work but need help determining who to trust, look for the NRCA certification — the gold standard in the roofing industry. This blog explores the benefits of NRCA certification for companies, individual roofers, and customers.

The NRCA Certification

Many trade and construction professionals can showcase their skills and better market themselves by getting various certifications to learn, demonstrate their competence, and have proof of the knowledge and quality work they can provide. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is the gold standard in the roofing industry.

The NRCA has a variety of certifications available through its ProCertication programs. There are certifications for roof systems installers (various certifications for various systems), roofing foremen, and qualified assessors.

NRCA orchestrates a series of assessments that skilled and experienced workers can go through to earn various professional credentials and certifications. New or inexperienced individuals cannot reach assessment and certification until they’ve documented a specified amount of hours. Additionally, NRCA offers training for these less experienced individuals to master their skills.

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Why Get Certified?

The NRCA certification is not a requirement in the roofing industry. However, there are many benefits for a company, an individual roofer, and the customer when people go the extra mile for certification.

For the Company

Being NRCA-certified, and having NRCA-certified employees, enhances a company’s reputation and makes them more competitive. As mentioned before, someone looking to get any roofing work done will ask for recommendations and do some research before choosing who they go with. NRCA certification puts you above the rest.

Good Reputation

Having the NRCA ProCertification demonstrates to those people shopping around that your company can efficiently deliver professional and quality services with perfected techniques. A good reputation will drive more business in your direction, as word of mouth travels fast, and others are likelier to pick you for the job.

Good Employees

Requiring your employees to be certified or offering to put employees through these training and certification programs attracts more qualified, reliable, and quality employees. These certified employees tend to stay longer in their jobs and at the company.

Requiring or providing NRCA certifications is desirable to many job seekers, too, and increases the longevity of employees.

Good Pay Out

These certifications guarantee good quality work, which may increase the bid price for various jobs. Customers will be willing to pay a little more for this guarantee.

As a Customer

NRCA certification listed on a contractor can give you, as the customer, peace of mind. There’s much less stress involved when you know you can trust someone to manage your roofing needs with care, expertise, and efficiency.

Proven Ability

As a customer, when you see the stamp of NRCA approval, you know someone has taken the initiative for training, put in a significant amount of hours, and passed all assessments to be masters at what they do.

NRCA ProCertifications show that someone is trusted, responsible, and knowledgeable regarding their roofing work.

Up to Date

The certifications must be renewed every three years, so you can also take comfort in knowing the people you trust your roof with are up-to-date and competent with all the latest and greatest methods and materials available within the industry. They will lay out all your options and help guide you to the best choice.

For the Individual Roofer

Whether or not your company provides it, you can get your NRCA ProCertification individually.

Stand Out

This certification sets you apart from the crowd and makes you a desirable asset to a company and its customers.

It will increase the likelihood of hiring you over someone else while giving you the necessary skills and knowledge to be paid more and placed in leadership positions.

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Move Up

If you ever perform work on the side or decide to start your own roofing company at a later time, these certifications will help you get there.

Building a Legacy

From enhancing a company’s reputation to providing peace of mind for customers, NRCA certification sets individuals and companies apart as trusted, responsible, and knowledgeable in their roofing work. Join Legacy Roofing in Northern Arizona, with over 35 years of experience and NRCA ProCertifications, in providing quality roofing services.

Legacy Roofing is constantly educating itself on new products and techniques to be up to date on how the industry is evolving and ensuring its ability to provide you with the best services for your home. We provide all kinds of roof work with care, expertise, and the NRCA ProCertifications to prove it. To Legacy, the customers matter, and so does the quality of work.

You can rely on us to receive the best customer service, work, and information for your residential and commercial roof needs. Call today at (928) 227-0702 to discuss how we can help you with your roofing needs, big or small.

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