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It’s summertime in Arizona, and severe weather is here. The Copper State is famous for the heat and monsoons, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see our fair share of other extreme weather phenomena. July through October is hail season for Arizona. While we usually don’t see harsh hailstorms as often as other parts of the country, they still pop up every now and again.

These hailstorms wreak havoc on your house and property. In 2019, hail cost an estimated $22 billion in damages in the United States. While there is no way to prevent severe storms, you can be prepared for the next one.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like on a Roof?

In order to do damage to your roof, hail needs to be about the size of a quarter or larger. Obviously the bigger and heavier the hail is, the more destruction it can cause.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing in Arizona. Usually, these shingles will have a granular covering on the top that gives it a rough surface. Hailstones can cause holes in this protective coating and even crack the shingle.

Under the shingles is the roof underlayment. This adds extra protection for your house and water resistance. If hail takes off any shingles, damage to the underlayment can cause more costly repairs to your home.

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Damage Indicators From the Ground

All of those things should be assessed by the professionals. Even when your roof is in tip-top condition, it can be dangerous to be up there.

Once a big hail storm hits, look around from where you’re standing to see if there are indicators of serious damage.

Dented gutters can be a sign that the hail was large enough to damage the roof. The granules on the shingles might even come off into the gutters. If you see what looks like tiny, dark stones, it might be time for a roof repair.

Is there any other damage to your property? Broken windows and downed tree branches are indicators of a nasty storm. Even finding large hailstones around your house could tell you that you need to get your roof examined.

Without calling a professional to get on your roof to see the damage, you can’t know for certain if it needs repairs or replacements. But you might find enough clues that you need an inspection.

Can You Prevent Hail Damage?

If the sky decides to rain chunks of ice down on you, there’s really nothing you can do to stop it. However, you can ensure that your home is well maintained, softening some of the potential damage.

Keep Your Roof Maintained

When your roof isn’t in great shape, it can be susceptible to more damage. Newer, well maintained homes can ward off weather damage more easily. Keep track of how old it is, and how much weather it has weathered (pun not intended). Fix damage as it occurs, rather than accumulating it. Repairs are far cheaper than a new roof.

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Keep Your Property Safe

Keeping your trees trimmed can prevent a lot of property damage. You don’t want a dead branch to come down on you or your neighbor’s car or home. If you can, put your car in a garage or carport. Remember, be careful if you park it under a tree, as weak branches could fall on it. If you have to leave it out in the open, it might be worth it to buy a car cover.

Bring in anything else that you don’t want damaged like glass lawn decorations or potted plants.

What Can I Expect From Hail Damage Roof Repair?

Depending on the size and intensity of the hail, roof damage can be repaired. Generally it’s affordable and quick. Again, it can be dangerous to go on your roof without training, especially if it’s damaged. Always call a professional if you suspect anything is wrong.

However, if the storm was quite harsh, or your roof was previously damaged, you may need a new roof. This will take more time and money, but, unfortunately, it is necessary from time to time.

Storm Season Is Here

Though Arizona isn’t known for its hailstorms, they still happen, and they can get nasty. When the temperature drops and those clouds turn green, you know how to get ready.

If you suspect damage or want to know if your roof is ready for the next bout of weather, give us a call. Through quality supplies and friendly customer service, we’ll make sure you and everyone under your roof are safe and sound.

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