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Unless slate tiles make up your roof, you’ll need to replace it at some point.

Choosing to replace your roof is a hard decision because there are many things to consider. Between how much it will cost, replacing vs. repairing, and how long it will take — there’s a lot to prepare for.

We aim to talk about how long it takes to replace a roof, so you can feel confident with your options moving forward.

Average Time To Replace a Roof

The average time to replace a roof is a tricky number to find. Some will tell you 1-12 days, but that number isn’t helpful as it includes the time it takes for many different roofing materials.

Here’s the average roof replacement time by roof type;

  • Shingles: 2 days – 3 days pending size and complexity
  • Concrete tile: 8.5 days
  • Metal: 10.5 days

Remember, these numbers are averages, so there tend to be outliers and extreme cases.

Chart of average roof replacement time by roof type.

What Can Change How Long It Takes?

There are many reasons why the time to replace a roof might look different. Most homes have unique challenges to face, but the roof replacement process has shown some specific areas that can affect the length of your roof replacement project.

Roof Accessibility

If your roof is hard to get to, replacing it might take longer than usual. Roof accessibility may be hindered by the following:

  • Height of home
  • Lack of paved area around the home
  • Landscaping
  • The uneven ground around your home
  • Low hanging wires

The added challenge of the area around your home will change a roofer’s ability to reach your roof.

Roof Size

Roof size will affect how long it takes for your roof replacement. A quick rule of thumb is that smaller roofs take less time than larger ones. If roofers need to use a lot of materials, it’s going to take a longer time.

The size of your roof doesn’t necessarily equal your home’s square footage. Roof size is a different value that a professional roofer can figure, though you can calculate it yourself.

Knowing this will help you understand how long your roof installation will take. It can also help you determine what kind of material you’ll want to use.

Roof Structure

The next thing to consider is the structural complexity of your roof.

We’re talking about roofs with multiple facets like gables, rounded sections, and valleys. More complex roofs will take longer and cost more due to safety considerations. However, contractors could replace a simple roof with minimal facets within a day.


Weather is a consideration that affects the timing of your roof replacement. Rain in the forecast will rightfully delay your job.

Changing a roof in poor weather conditions is impossible and should be dry before roofers go up. Replacing your roof in optimal conditions will extend your new roof’s life.

When it comes to the best time of year to replace your roof, autumn months are considered the best. Spring can be unpredictable, and summer and winter tend to have extreme weather conditions.

Fall has some of the most comfortable temperatures for roofing crews and shingles.

Rain dripping off the edge of a roof.

Roof Material

Some roof materials take longer to install than others. A concrete tile roof could take more than nine days to install, but an asphalt shingle roof shouldn’t take more than three.

Not only do certain materials cost more or take a longer time to install, but some materials last longer than others.

If you have a strong distaste for roofing, investing in a high-quality roof could eliminate the need to replace your roof for decades.

Roof Pitch

Pitch is the measurement of how steep your roof is. Your roof’s pitch will affect how long your project will take and what materials you could use.

For example, shallow roof pitches require more membrane-like materials and are quicker to install. Steeper roofs benefit from concrete or clay tiles. The added durability of those materials means you’ll have less frequent repairs and replacements.

Flat roofs have very different roofing systems. It generally only takes 3-6 days to replace a flat roof.

Know Your Options

Depending on your roof’s size, pitch, and complexity, you have many options to consider. You may be surprised by the size of your roof or pitch. Consider your budget and calculate what options would work best for you. Remember, choosing higher-quality roofing materials is often less expensive than you thought in the long term.

Ask for Help

All these considerations take time to keep track of. Contact a local roofing professional to request an inspection. Roofing contractors will walk you through the roof replacement process, making it less stressful for you and your wallet.

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