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Your roof protects your home, so taking care of it is crucial. Roof issues can be stressful, but there’s good news. Many homeowners have dealt with the same roof problems you may come across.

It’s important to know what to look out for. Let’s look at some common roof problems and ways to approach them.


Roof Leaks are a prevalent issue. When water goes where it’s not supposed to, it can lead to expensive repairs.

Many things can cause a leak. Here are just some examples:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Clogged gutters
  • Loose or cracked flashing
  • Deteriorating structural seals
  • Poorly installed roofing nails

What to Watch For

When leaks get into the interior of your home, they’re usually noticeable — you may notice discoloring, damp walls, and even the sound of drips.

However, sometimes leaks stay hidden, so it’s better to be proactive. It’s always a good idea to pop into your attic periodically to ensure water damage or wear isn’t present.

Someone looking up at a barely-noticeable leak in the ceiling.

Solutions for Roof Leaks

Most leaks start as minor problems but can create significant problems when unrepaired. Depending on the length of the leak, the repairs might be a simple fix or more costly.

Sometimes, especially with long-term leaks, you must replace the beams and drywall. So, it’s best to catch leaks early.

Damaged Shingles

A multitude of things can damage roof shingles. Some of these include: \

  • Ice damming
  • Hail
  • Tree branches
  • Storm debris
  • General exposure

Shingles aren’t meant to last forever. They may need to be replaced after 20-30 years. One way to know it’s time to replace your shingles is if you see lots of shingle granules in your gutter or on the ground. You can also notice the “shine” of the fiberglass on the edges of the shingles.

What to Watch For

Broken shingles can be easy to spot. You can know your shingles are damaged if you notice the following:

  • Moss or mold
  • Shingle granules in your gutter
  • Curling and rolling shingles
  • In-house water damage

Solutions for Damaged Shingles

Thankfully, you can repair most shingle damage easily. A simple replacement might be all you need. If there’s no further damage, it should be an easy process.

Damaged Flashing

Damaged flashing can lead to water entering your home and wreaking havoc on your insulation.

Flashing is a thin layer of metal that guides water away from critical areas of your roof. It acts as a water-resistant barrier to protect your skylights, chimneys, vents, valleys, and walls.

What to Watch For

For flashing to work correctly, it must be tight and flush. Therefore, check any areas that look discolored, cracked, or bent.

Solutions for Damaged Flashing

Fixing damaged flashing is not the easiest task. That’s why we recommend you get a professional’s help if you notice broken flashing.

Roofer placing and adjusting shingles.

Damaged or Clogged Gutters

Gutters that aren’t correctly draining are much more dangerous than expected.

Gutters act as a way to get water away from your home. If they aren’t working adequately, water can run down your walls and even into your foundation. Homes with consistently clogged gutters can expect to have flooding issues as well.

What to Watch For

Clogged gutters can be tricky to spot. If your gutters are pouring slowly, splashing water out the top, or leaking out the side, they are likely blocked.

Solutions for Damaged Gutters

Gutters that are not working can be an easy fix. Consistent, simple gutter cleanings can help reduce damage caused by clogged gutters.

Bad Ventilation

Breathing in fresh air is a necessary component of having a well-functioning roof. Keeping an attic cool has many benefits. Poor ventilation can lead to issues like:

  • Ice dams
  • Irregular temperatures throughout the home
  • Premature aging
  • High energy cost

The great thing about fixing inadequate ventilation is that it has many benefits. Not only will it help keep your roof in good condition for a longer time, but it will also decrease energy costs.

What to Watch For

A surefire way to check on your home’s ventilation is to check for icicles during winter. Icicles mean your roof is too hot.

You can also check for moisture in your attic. A sound ventilation system will let water droplets leave.

Solutions for Poor Ventilation

The easiest solution for a poorly vented attic is to install ventilation. There are lots of different kinds of venting options.

Photos of issues caused by poor ventilation: ice dams, irregular temperatures, premature aging, pricey energy.

Unmaintained Roofs

Roofing materials can withstand a lot of pressure. However, roofs need to be maintained often to perform as intended.

When your roof is unmaintained, more minor, hard-to-spot issues quickly become more significant and expensive.

What to Watch For

These minor issues are challenging for non-roofers to spot. Instead of trying to find them yourself, you should contact your local roofers.

Solutions for Roof Maintenance

Keeping a maintained roof shouldn’t be reactionary. It’s something you have to do before any issues arise.

A great solution to maintaining your roof is to schedule a yearly inspection with a professional. They’ll be able to spot any minor issues before they become big.

Finding Solutions to Common Roofing Issues

Taking care of your roof can be a stressful task. Remember, these issues are common and easily mitigated by regular roof maintenance.

Regular Roof Inspections

Roof inspections don’t have to be scary. Stop minor problems from becoming catastrophic by scheduling regular roof inspections.

Here are some things you can expect a professional to assess:

  • Structural integrity
  • Material condition
  • Attic
  • Workmanship

Knowing how your roof is doing will put you at ease.

Call a Roofing Professional

Don’t let spotty work cause damage to your home. Find a roofing contractor near you that can help guide you through your roofing needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to schedule an inspection. We pride ourselves in being Prescott, AZ’s best roofing company, and offer decades of professional courtesy and experience.

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